How COVID Impacted New Zealand Recruitment

Let’s face it, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. This includes the recruitment and labour hire process in Greater Auckland and indeed in most parts of the country. At Spider Personnel we’ve noticed many changes in the recruitment industry, specific to New Zealand.

Firstly, the economic pressures faced by many organizations and the lockdown measures have influenced the hiring activity. Labour hire companies in Auckland have also had to adjust to the risk-averse talent and remote recruitment.

At Spider Personnel, we’ve also had to adjust how we approach recruitment and bring together top talent and potential employers.

Let’s dive straight into how the pandemic has impacted recruitment in New Zealand.

Limited Talent Pool

During the pandemic, New Zealand faced many lockdown measures and border restrictions which ultimately added challenges to the recruitment process. International top talent became difficult to source.

Spider Personnel has a great supply channel and we have talent located across the country. The finite talent pool made us relook at how we recruit potential employees.

We then harnessed our expert recruitment and human resources professionals to overcome these obstacles.

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Changes in Recruitment Priorities

Not only did COVID-19 lead to a limited talent pool but it caused a shift in recruitment priorities. Organizations had to adjust to the new needs of their consumers which meant they required new workers who could support their efforts.

We were acutely aware of the need for different types of workers specifically in the essential-services industry. So, we adjusted our strategy to fit the needs of labour hire in the Auckland region. We are also seeing demand for labour in many other areas of New Zealand, mainly Hamilton, Tauranga, BOP region and Wellington.

We took into account our clients’ and talents’ needs. That’s why we’re good at what we do. At Spider Personnel, we brought together the right talent to the right employers. We stuck to the basics and made sure that our services fulfilled the needs of all of our clients.

Talent Avoiding Risk

Companies were not the only ones who were cautious when it came to onboarding new employees. Potential talent became risk-averse too. They were aware of the risks that came with leaving their current company and seeking out new employment. This affected the number of applicants available.

This greatly impacted labour hire companies in Auckland. As people were uncertain of the risks that came with starting a new job, we had to provide extra care to our talent.

Spider Personnel doesn’t merely match the right talent with the right employers but we provided our clients with special care. We assessed their needs, wants, and concerns and then addressed these thoroughly. 

Remote Work

By now we’ve all become fairly familiar with what remote work is, and this then led to remote recruitment. This came with its own unique set of challenges.

Employers were more reluctant to hire someone they hadn’t met in person. Over time many top organizations adjusted to this new tech-based candidate screening process.

Labour hire companies in Auckland had to adjust to this too. We worked closely with our clients and candidates to ensure a smooth remote recruitment process.

 Wrapping Up

As you can see, a lot has changed in the recruitment industry and we’ve all had to adjust during the pandemic. That’s the key to our success at Spider Personnel.

We monitor the environment and consistently adapt our labour hiring and recruitment process to fit our clients’ and talents’ needs.

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