Temporary jobs

in perspective of an employer and employee

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Temporary jobs

Temporary jobs are gaining widespread popularity these days. Both employers and employees are opting for temporary options. As the world is shifting more towards creating stress-free scenarios, job seekers and job providers are comfortable with the short-term settings. ILO (International Labour Organization) says, “Temporary employment, whereby workers are engaged only for a specific period of time, includes fixed-term, project- or task-based contracts, as well as seasonal or casual work, including day labour.” Even though day labourers existed throughout history, three decades ago due to the changing socio-economic circumstances, temping started to gain momentum. Temporary employment or temping includes fixed-term, project- or task-based contracts and casual, seasonal, or day labour.

Salient features of temporary jobs are no-strings-attached relationships, escaping the monotony labeled under comfort, trying out a variety of options, picking up from a large pool of opportunities. These are the reasons why temping jobs are gaining popularity among both employees and employers. In addition to the above features, temporary jobs come with benefits unique to the employees and the employers.

Temporary jobs in perspective of an Employer

From an employer’s perspective, projects might come where urgent placements should be made. In these situations, it is advisable to opt for temporary solutions so that you do not make a permanent error that is costly and painful. Apart from this, the temporary recruitment process is easier and less expensive when you opt for a reputed recruitment agency.

Compared to permanent employees, maintaining temping workers is less expensive. The project or task can be completed in good quality within the prescribed time. The employees opting for temporary works are talented and are bound to work in rigorous scenarios. They are flexible too, considering the experience they have in working under different management.

It is not always a straightforward or smooth job to hire temps for your work. However, involving a good recruitment agency can easily solve this part when you can meet your business goals without disruption. Since the candidates will be representing the agency, they will be providing A-class staffing solutions. It is always advisable to put your money in a reputed and well-experienced agency like Spider Personnel so that you would not regret your decision.



Temporary jobs in perspective of an Employee

It is beneficial for a person who is versatile and vivid to opt for temporary jobs so that he can explore his options and make use of the variety. The main attraction of working in a temporary setup is the effect it has on work-life balance. For a person who wants to travel or wants to engage in activities apart from work, temping is the best work setup.

Exposure to different industries and companies is a great way to find out the right choice of career for a fresher. It helps you from settling down for anything that comes across. The option to work in different settings gives you ample experience to tackle the permanent options that you may want to explore in the future. Exposure to different industries comes with another benefit of positive networking and contact building with the people you meet in each assignment too. Temping can build your confidence, communication skills, and technical skills.

For a fresher or a job seeker, temping can act as a temporary income generator. It will give you ample time to search for your job opportunities at the same time sustain you economically and provide you with experience and background.

Just like an employer, an employee can benefit from associating with a recruitment agency, like Spider Personnel. Rather than working for the employer, the recruitment agency should be your spokesperson too. A good agency will be a strong bridge between the job provider and the seeker. It is necessary to look into the terms and conditions of an agency before signing a contract.

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