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Spider Personnel limited is the best recruitment agency in Auckland. We build an extraordinary relationship between job seekers and employers as a recruitment agency. Those seeking jobs have a wide platform of Spider Personnel with experienced, qualified permanent and temporary staffing recruitment and human resource professionals. We have two promises about our recruitment agency in Auckland: guarantee the quality of our candidates and guarantee the quality of our Recruitment service. We make our maximum to reach you to the jobs in Auckland and also help you in seeking jobs in Auckland.

How We Help Job Seekers

Our company’s experts are highly experienced to help you with labour-hire Auckland by permanent / Temporary human resources and business, or they are trade qualified in a particular field. It’s our quality to connect you with the right jobs in Auckland for your business and employment needs, whether temporary, casual or permanent. When you want someone to your company for the required post, we help you find out through our recruitment process. Jobs in Auckland, such as any whether white collar or blue collar hire, is needed; our candidates are unique, able and up to the challenge. We help to seek jobs in Auckland by understanding the skill sets and experience that drive your workforce to succeed. We’re your Auckland local, maintaining both a strong client and candidate base here in Auckland. The skilled professionals will learn your business and come up with solutions.

They will listen to your staffing requirements and deliver exacting and measurable results. When you call us and discuss your requirement – whether it is a fitter, a welder or a CNC operator – we know exactly what that is. No second-guessing, no BS, no faking. You will get what you want. We utilize a very personalized approach to candidate care, attempting to place candidates into the right role, not bums on seat approach. That is why hundreds of candidates want to be represented by Spider. We are not a job listing company, but we are a recruitment agency to help you find a job in Auckland.

Our candidates are as equally important as our clients. We treat all candidates with the highest level of respect, privacy and integrity, whether they are a junior candidate or a management level placement. The treatment is the same. That is why you won’t often see Spider Personnel advertising for candidates. There is no shortage here – they come flooding in.

Choosing the right recruiter

The one who seeks a job is simply exploring your employment options; choosing the right recruiter will make all the difference. Spider Personnel Consultants are experienced and seasoned recruiters or have industry experience in their recruiting sector. As a rule of thumb, we like to employ consultants who have a business and or HR qualification of some sort. We feel this is an important attribute to have in a deregulated industry. This is the only way to add credibility, and the results will often speak for themselves. Contact us for a no strings attached discussion, or forward your CV with confidence that you are dealing with a qualified and experienced recruiter. In Auckland labour hire and across the country, there are tens of thousands of casuals being employed by both small and large businesses. For many companies, this is the norm. It is an efficient and effective way to recruit personnel whilst maintaining complete control over your wage budget. We believe in building long term and mutually rewarding relationships, whether it’s with a client or a candidate. It’s why we’re the recruiter of choice for many companies and businesses across Auckland(south Auckland, greater Auckland ) and nationwide. We’re here to serve you around the clock if you need it.

We value all clients, large or small. You are important to us, therefore we will work hard for you to ensure that you are completely satisfied. If you aren’t happy or satisfied with our service, “We will put it right”. We utilize a simple approach to business, if you aren’t happy then neither are we. By choosing Spider Personnel Ltd, you are supporting a local, Kiwi owned and operated business, in return for your support we create employment, we help people, and we help the community at large by donating to a range of charities – Auckland City Mission, Royal Society for the Blind.

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